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Create Curls with Heated Rollers – Do It Yourself

A more recent and modern method of curling is to use heated rollers, also known as heat winders. The advantage of these winders is that, unlike conventional heat coils, they can store the heat longer and better. Due to the velvet and ceramic coating, the curls which are to be shaped with these also last longer. In addition, the heated rollers are extremely gentle on the hair. The set is available in various different sizes.

Heated Rollers

Instructions for curling with Heated Rollers:

– The electric curlers must first be heated. How to do this is described in detail in the instructions for use of the product, i.e. the heating coil.

– The electric curlers are best applied in hand-dried dry hair but they can also be completely dry. Important: Do not use on wet or damp hair!

– For a better volume, you distribute uniformly mousse in the entire hair before use. You should knead it carefully from the tip to the tips.

– Now it is necessary to comb the whole hair well. Tip: For gentle hair without wrinkles, use a narrow comb!

– If the heating winders are optimally heated according to the instructions, you can start the curling. First, an arbitrary width of strands (depending on the wish) is taken from the hairline into the hand.

– Now you take the first heated curler out of the box. It is gentle in that it is only hot inside and no additional heat comes from the outside on the hair.

– Place the heat winder on the inner side approximately in the middle of the strand and wind the tip of the strand to the middle of the strand around the heating winder.

Finally, let it glide up to the hairline by winding the upper part of the strand with it. To know more about the Heated Rollers – check here.

Tips and tricks about curling with Heated Rollers:

If you now have heating coilers in different sizes and you want to use them all, it is recommended to roll the front hair sections with narrower coilers. The heat winders to be used in the rear hair can be quietly larger. This provides a unique, playful look. However, if you prefer a conspicuous volume, it is also advisable to use larger electric winders on the top hair and smaller ones on the lower hair parts. At the beginning, it is certainly easier if someone helps you to try out. Practice creates mastery.